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Police Department

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Chester L Logan
Chief of Police

Call 911 for emergencies!

Phone:  (313) 252-0050

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Mission Statement

Loyalty above all else except Honor

The mission of the Highland Park Police Department is to maintain order, preserve human life, protect property, and advance the quality of life issues within our community.

In order to ensure that the City of Highland Park continues in its endeavors to make
this a better place to live and work, we have pledged to provide a Police Department staffed with trained professionals who are dedicated to stand at the forefront in the war on crime, resisting evil or temptation, fearful only of failure in earning the trust of our citizens, and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice in our continuous efforts to make this a safer community.

For Highland Park, we shall be the moral barometer: exhibiting pride, dignity, and ethical behavior of the highest standard. Always seeking Truth and Justice, we shall enforce the Law, absent any racial, sexual, or religious bias, without political motivation or personal agenda, respectful of every member of the community and maintaining open lines of communication for public scrutiny and criticism.

As an integral part of City Government, we will partner with community groups, businesses, faith based partners, educators, and others who provide guidance for the citizens of our great community. We are also aware that no man can stand alone, and therefore, are continuing to foster partnerships with other Federal, State, and Local Law Enforcement agencies, along with other organizations, both public and private, to enhance our ability to advance our goals of increasing the level of public safety in the City of Highland Park and providing a mechanism for citizens to participate in assisting government in providing this vital service.


Police Patrol CarsThe Highland Park Police Department, re-established on July 1, 2007, by the Emergency Financial Manager Mr. Arthur Blackwell, is a professional organization dedicated to serving the citizens of this community. The Department is composed of a unique cross section of individuals, from varying backgrounds. This allows us to address the needs of the community, with a better understanding of the issues experienced by our citizens, who come from many diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.


The Highland Park Police Department conducts primary policing in the community, including 911 emergency response, criminal investigations, school security for the School District of Highland Park, traffic and commercial vehicle (motor carrier) enforcement. The Department has established, in conjunction with the Office of Emergency Management, a Disaster Relief Plan for the City of Highland Park.

The members of the Department have extensive experience and training to positively affect the quality of life issues important to the citizens of the community.

The Administrative Offices are located in the Robert Blackwell Municipal Building, 12050 Woodward Ave. Patrol Operations are conducted from the Highland Park Mini Station, located at 14112 Woodward, in the Model-T Plaza. The new Business Liaison Office is currently located at the Shoppes at Woodward Place Plaza, on Woodward Ave. at Sears Ave.


Chief Chester L Logan - (313) 252-0050 ext 244
Lt Jamille Edwards - (313) 252-0050 ext 250

PATROL SECTION - (313) 852-7338


Squad One - 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Sgt Veronica Couch
Cpl Richard Cooper
Cpl Heather Holcomb

Squad Two - 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.
Sgt James W Lant
Cpl James McMahon
Cpl Kelly Dupuis

Patrol Desk (non-emergency, prisoner information) (313) 852-7338 or (313) 852-7339

Warrant Confirmation (Law Enforcement Only) (313) 865-0100


Det Paul Thomas ext 315
Det Brian Menge ext 348
Det Michael Ochs ext 316
Det Colleen Kurth (Property Officer) ext 217/314

RECORDS/REPORTS (313) 252-0050 ext 238

Record Clearances (by Appt on Tuesday and Thursday Only)
Firearms Purchase Permits
Firearms Registrations

Police Reports and Traffic Accident Reports can be picked up on Tuesdays and Thursdays Only, 10:00 AM TO 2:00 PM
Please order your report at least one day ahead by calling (313) 252-0050 ext 238.

Traffic Accident Reports may also be obtained online at (date of accident and report number required)


Officer Jeffrey Crouch
Officer Eric Hollowell
Officer Stuart Jackson
Officer Marlon Walton
Officer Christopher Zeullig


(See City Attorney’s Office)
Animal Control (313) 252-5000
Illegal Dumping

November 23-24
City offices/Court closed

December 8
BOR Deadline

Non-emergency Services
Police:(313) 852-7338
Fire:(313) 852-3221