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Logo - City of Highland Park, Michigan, Incorporated 1918Email: City of Highland Park Information
Phone (313) 252-0050
Fax (313) 852-7320

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City of Highland Park
12050 Woodward Ave
Highland Park MI 48203-3578

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Contact Our Partners

Highland Park Business Association
PO Box 3627
Highland Park MI   48203
Phone: (313) 626-0990
Web Address:
Highighland Park School District
12360 Woodward Ave
Highland Park MI   48203

Phone: (313) 402-0266
Web Address:
Transcript requests: (313) 550-2959  OR 

November 23-24
City offices/Court closed

December 8
BOR Deadline

Non-emergency Services
Police:(313) 852-7338
Fire:(313) 852-3221