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Other Elected Officials

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder

Secretary of State, Ruth Johnson
Attorney General, Bill Schuette

US Senator, Gary C Peters
US Senator
Gary C Peters

US Senator, Debbie Stabenow
US Senator
Debbie Stabenow

US Rep, John Conyers
US Representative
District 14
John Conyers

State Senator, Bert Johnson
State Senator
District 2
Bert Johnson

State Rep, LaTanya Garrett
State Representative
District 7
LaTanya Garreet

Wayne County Commissioner, Martha G Scott
County Commissioner
District 3

Martha G Scott

Wayne County Executive, Warren C Evans
Wayne County Executive
Warren C Evans 

November 23-24
City offices/Court closed

December 8
BOR Deadline

Non-emergency Services
Police:(313) 852-7338
Fire:(313) 852-3221