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City of Highland Park, Michigan...Return to Excellence


Model T Plaza
Coca Cola Building
BudCo Building
Economic Development is key focus for the City of Highland Park as it is essential to the growth & sustainability of the City which enhances the quality of life for our citizens.  The success of the City's goal to "Return to Excellence" is heavily dependent upon retaining and establishing a strong economic base. 
In efforts to achieve this goal, The City of Highland Park is strongly committed soliciting, supporting and strengthening businesses in their efforts to grow, expand and locate within our boarders.  This is accomplished by the City working to partner with the business community to achieve the right incentives, programs and support needed to aid in the growth of businesses, both large and small.
See links above for "Assistance in Economic Growth Retention and Expansion", "Business and Organizations Links " and
"Other Potential Business Incentives".  Click here for TURBO Program information.
For more information or Assistance with your business, Contact:
Louis Starks, Director
Community & Economic Development
City of Highland Park
12050 Woodward Avenue
Highland Park, MI  48203
Ofc: (313) 252-0050, ext. 257
Fax: (313) 852-7320

November 23-24
City offices/Court closed

December 8
BOR Deadline

Non-emergency Services
Police:(313) 852-7338
Fire:(313) 852-3221